Mind-Body-Spirit Cleanse Retreat in San Diego, California

From the minute you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you’re exposed to hundreds and hundreds of chemicals and toxins, both physical and emotional. These toxins can lodge themselves in cells, tissues and muscles. If they aren’t removed, they will negatively impact your physical, mental and emotional state – eventually resulting in pain, illness and overwhelm. That’s the reality of the fast paced, modern world we live in.

There is an upside. The body is a natural healing machine Your natural state is wholeness and balance.

Mind-Body-Spirit Cleanse is a purification retreat that removes physical and emotional toxins, and rejuvenates the heart and spirit.

What are the signs you need a Cleanse?

    • You feel overwhelmed or run down
    • You suffer from insomnia
    • You experience pain or discomfort in the body
    • You rarely get a break from the stress of daily life
    • You have brain fog, trouble focusing, remembering things or making decisions
    • You feel lethargic, anxious or depressed
    • You give in to impulsive behaviors
    • You have emotional outbursts or are quick to criticize (self or others)
    You want to feel a greater sense of peace and calm

Physical and emotional toxins throw the body off balance. If you experience any of the above warning signs, your body is telling you that you need to cleanse and reset the body. If you experience these symptoms, but continue to ignore them, they may slowly worsen. The body becomes vulnerable to illness and chronic disease.

Holistic Haven’s Ayurvedic Mind-Body-Spirit Cleanse allows you to disconnect from the busyness of life, de-stress, detox, and truly “be.” Using the principles of self-care, good nutrition, Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation, you can reset the body, heal, repair, and restore the body back to your natural state of balance.

What can I expect during the cleanse?

Mind-Body-Spirit Cleanse Retreat is based on a gentle Ayurvedic purification process that does not require fasting or deprivation. It is a complete mind-body cleansing system that is incredibly nourishing and satisfying. A step-by-step process of many Ayurvedic practices including gentle yoga, meditation, easy-to-digest Ayurvedic foods, spices, and supplements all work together to return your mind, body, heart, and soul back to its natural state of balance.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages and all supplies are included in the cost of the program. The menu consists of a simple vegetarian, mono diet that is soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten free while taking recommended herbs and supplements. The nutrition plan is designed to easily remove toxins from the body, maximize your ability to digest food and assimilate nutrients, while leaving you feeling full and satisfied. Modifications may be made to accommodate certain allergies and sensitivities.

What is included?

This transformative 6-day retreat includes:

    • On-site accommodations (pricing varies)
    • All meals, beverages, supplements and teas
    • Twice daily yoga instruction
    • Twice daily guided meditation
    • Healing Therapist Massage
    • Off site activities
    • Educational sessions with a Chopra Center Certified Instructor
    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle education
    • Pranayama breathing exercises
    • Ayurvedic cleanse supplies
    • Personalized body type assessment quiz and consultation
    Post-care daily practices and rejuvenation plan

When: Inquire about upcoming Cleanse dates: pricing starts at $2,300 for 4-day cleanse.

Register: Phone 323-457-4645 or email

Julie Hunt is a Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor passionately devoted to helping people live healthier and happier stress free lives, using the tools of meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. She has inspired thousands of people as a teacher, coach, entrepreneur, and author of Shout from the Rooftops in Your Stilettos.

Julie has been a Mantra Meditation Instructor at several live Chopra Center events and host of The Chopra Center’s world premier Primordial Sound Mediation Online Course. She has served on The Chopra Center’s leadership team as Senior Manager of Digital Products where she created premium online programs featuring Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Martha Beck, Dr. Andrew Weil, and others. Her work incorporates meditation and mindfulness techniques, holistic health, energy healing, personal growth and mind-body practices.